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We talk all NFL football subjects from Games, Breaking News, Fantasy Football, Betting Analysis, mostly everything you can think of!
Episode 44 NFL: Topics: Is Zach Wilson a bust? Are The Dallas Cowboys the Team To Beat in NFC? Are The Philadelphia Eagles in Trouble? Week 12 Game Previews? Are NY Giants Pretenders? Steelers Getting Better or Bengals Struggling?November 22, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 43 NFL Topics: Did Buffalo lose or were Vikings Better? Who’s fault was Dallas Cowboys Loss? Is Tampa Bay back beating Seattle Seahawks? Week 11 Game Previews and PicksNovember 15, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 42 NFL Topics: Frank Reich Fired as Colts Head Coach. Jeff Saturday is the interim head coach now. Jets Pulled biggest Upset. Can Jets Win The Division? Dallas Cowboys maybe signing Odell Beckham. Will Cowboys be NFC Favorites? Week 10 Game PrNovember 08, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 41 NFL Topics: Zach Wilson Holding NY Jets Back? Are Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Contenders? What is wrong with The Raiders? Week 9 Game PreviewsNovember 01, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 40 NFL Topics: Are the NY Jets in trouble? Is Tom Brady struggling. Will he retire after season? With Dak back, are Cowboys winning division? Mac Jones Benching, good or bad decision? Colts Changing QB good or bad? Week 8 Game Preview PicOctober 25, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 39 NFL: If Dak is healthy should he start against the Eagles? Should the Pittsburgh Steelers draft a QB if they struggle with Pickett this season? Why don't the New York Jets get more credit for win against the Dolphines? Week 6 Game PrevieOctober 11, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 38 NFL: Topics: Do Cowboys have a QB controversy? -Report that Tom Brady and wife are divorcing. Is Tom Brady’s personal life affecting Tampa Bay record? -Week 5 NFL Betting Picks -Week 5 NFL Game PreviewsOctober 06, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 37 NFL: Topics: Should John Harbaugh be fired if Ravens don’t go to afc championship? Is Steelers season saved with Kenny Pickett? Fantasy Waivers pickups for week 5October 04, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 36 NFL: Cowboys Vs Giants MNF Recap, Best Fantasy Football Waiver Pickups, Our NFL Bet Locks for Week 4September 28, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 35 NFL: Discuss Each NFL Sunday Game, Are the Eagles the best team in the NFC? Are the New England Patriots any good? Are the Las Vegas Raiders in trouble?September 27, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 34 NFL: Can the Jets continue to win? Game Locks picks for week 3 Fantasy waivers to pick upSeptember 22, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 33 NFL: Can Cooper Rush continue to win games for the Cowboys? Should Kenny Pickett Start for Pittsburgh? Are the 49ers NFC top contenders with Jimmy G back?September 21, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 32 NFL: Our Betting Locks for NFL Week 2, Fantasy Football Waiver Pickups, Team who will reach Super Bowl after week 1.September 16, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 31 NFL: Dallas cowboys season over? Aaron Rodgers and Packers in trouble? Can the Jets have a successful season?September 14, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 30 NFL: Fantasy Football Mock Draft Picks 1-10 Lamar Jackson will not negotiate his contract in season. Betting on himself this year Should Kenny Pickett start for the Steelers?August 19, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 29 NFL: Fantasy Football Top 5 Tips-Naming Fantasy Busts- Browns interested in Garoppolo- Zach Wilson Hurt- Cowboys got 17 penalties in preseason game.August 16, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 28 NFL: Can Dak Prescott elevate unknown wide receivers? With Officials being asked to penalize illegal contact more, is the NFL making it Impossible for Defenses to defend? The Top 5 Don't do if you are a fantasy football participant!August 10, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 27 NFL: Miami Dolphins Penalized- Our Top 5 Fantasy Football Running Backs- Naming a Fantasy Football SleeperAugust 08, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 26 NFL: Watson 6 Game Suspensions-Deebo Samuel gets extension- Our AFC South Standing PredictionsAugust 03, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 25: Kyler Murray Vs Cardinals, Jerry Jones Pressuring Mike McCarthy, Our Top 5 Fantasy Football QuarterbacksJuly 29, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 24 NFL: Our AFC East standings and Who should be the number one overall pick in fantasy?July 26, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 23 NFL: Kyler Murray signs extension. How will the Arizona Cardinals do this season? Division winner Bets. Early Superbowl winner Bet.July 23, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 22 NFL: News: Patriots QB Mac Jones got fit-Leonard Fournett in trouble with Bucks-Out Top 5 NFL QBsJuly 19, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 21 NFL: News: Rumors say Hollywood Brown left Baltimore because he didn’t feel playing with Lamar Jackson will get him stats to get paid. Do you think Lamar negatively affects wide receivers? Sean Peyton reportedly interested in Dallas, Miami, oJuly 16, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 20 NFL Topic Baker Mayfield has been traded to the Carolina Panthers for a 5th round conditional pick. Who should start at QB, Baker or Sam Darnold? Who's better? Who would you rather topic Baker Mayfield or Justin Fields, Jarod Goff, Marcus MaJuly 09, 2022 Episode artwork